Submissive Paddles
Submissive Paddles

Submissive Paddles

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Who's ready to live their submissive fantasies?

Take charge in the bedroom with these new submissive paddles. Spank your naughty partner as you have your hot sexy play time. The time-tested paddle is the perfect weight and size for spanking. Easy to use, one flick of the wrist and you'll hit your partner with a spank that will make both of you want to cum.

This toy goes great with other bondage items to create a play time you'll never forget. Normally the toy does not need to be cleaned but if some sweet gets on it during your naughty time you can just wipe it down with a damp warm cloth.

Durable design ensures a long life of the item. We know this will be used hard and often, so we made sure to design it so that it does not break.

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