Doggy  Double Caverns
Doggy  Double Caverns
Doggy  Double Caverns

Doggy Double Caverns

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This one is for the real men out there. One of our most sought-after products. The double doggy cavern mimics what it would be like have sex with a girl in the doggy position.

On top, we built in a realistic anus. The entrance is extremely tight and the inside is covered with groves and bumps to stimulate your penis as you stroke away.
The life like vagina is positioned perfectly below. The entrance is presented with the amazing feeling of the labia followed by our tight vagina channel to give you the best feeling possible.
Caress her soft skin, squeeze the pliable flesh, give her a little pat on the butt and penetrate her. 
Made of medical TPR, super soft and elastic material, non-toxic, odorless and safe to use. 
Easy to Clean, consists of novel Cyber silicone skin is extremely flexible, smooth, easy to clean and quickly absorbs the heat of your body temperature. The more you have sex with it the better and more genuine it will feel.


    ChaoticPassion Garantuee
    We take our customers privacy extremely seriously. For this reason, we do not ship out any packages with any indicator of whats inside or where it is coming from. There will be no "ChaoticPassion" nor any sex toy description so that you can be comfortable ordering and receiving packages from us.
    Here at Chaotic Passion, we strive to give our customers the best experience possible. If you are not 100% satisfied, contact our support team and we will make it right!