‘Walking Dead’ Actor Josh McDermitt Quits Social Media After Reportedly Receiving Death Threats

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Social media has brought about the ability to socialize with anyone we want anywhere in the world, anytime we want. There are so many positive aspects to what avenues social media has opened up for us, but at the same time there are always going to be the negative side effects of something awesome, and these negative side effects for the most part are usually brought upon by stupid people, by people who are so distraught with their own lives that they find the need to take to social media where they can tear whoever they want down and do it all while cowardly remaining anonymous. Today we actually have people out there who have been dropped on their heads as babies so many times, that they can not differentiate between the fiction that most television shows are, and the reality that the characters are just actors getting paid to portray the roles and read the lines given to them.

An extreme case of this has cause actor Josh McDermitt to quit social media due to receiving death threats by people who's parents more than likely share a bloodline. Josh McDermitt plays the role of Eugene Porter on the smash AMC series The Walking Dead. Now anyone who follows the series can easily understand why fans would have animosity towards the character of Eugene, after he all he did cowardly betray his entire group who has served his life on multiple occasions all while joining forces with the very man who beat the life out of his best friend right in front of him with a barb-wired covered baseball bat. But Eugene is a fictional character, and the more fact that fans have such strong feeling of hate towards the character is a testament to how good of an actor Josh is.